As a practice we recognise that climate breakdown and the rapid erosion of biodiversity is the most serious threat of our time. Buildings and construction play a major role, accounting for nearly forty percent of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. To help tackle this threat, sustainability and social impact are core considerations within our evolving design process.

We aim to simplify the sustainability process for our clients through creative design solutions; making it as straightforward as possible to achieve targets. In taking the entire building lifecycle into consideration, we can identify the best routes for reducing carbon emissions for generations to come.

As designers we are committed to working with our clients to develop holistically sustainable, carbon neutral buildings and places. Our multi award winning Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) secured the highest BREEAM rating for any public building in the province and is regarded as a UK wide exemplar in low energy design.

Our Commitment

As a practice we believe in taking responsibility for our own environmental impact as well as that of our clients by constantly looking for opportunities to challenge, invest and review our operations with the wider environment in mind.

Though our ‘Net Zero’ Business Operation Strategy, we are committed to becoming a net zero practice through the following essential steps:

  • Measure our footprint
  • Set a net zero goal with clear targets
  • Reduce energy use through efficiency initiatives
  • Switch to renewable energy sources
  • Pursue nature-based solutions to carbon removal

What is net zero?

In Simple terms it is a state where we add no incremental greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Emissions are balanced with carbon sequestration; what goes in must be taken out. Critically, carbon emissions must be as close to zero as possible to make the removal (off-setting) of what is left possible.