Woodbrook Eco Village, Lisburn

Woodbrook is a major sub-urban residential development, located in a greenfield site on the outskirts of the city of Lisburn.

The development masterplan brought forward for developers The Carvill Group, evolved in accordance with the DoES’s quality initiative “Creating Places”.

The initial phase of development included 300 housing units, ranging from single bed apartments to family dwellings, and combining terraces with detached houses, with focal point buildings – each establshing up their architectural language and materiality from vernacular and traditional forms in the surrounding countryside and towns.

Particular attention was also paid to landscaping and ensuring pedestrian priority across the development.

Sustainability was a key brief requirement, with the scheme being labelled as Northern Ireland’s first Eco Village, with the housing being served by centralised wood pellet boilers.

  • Client

    The Carvill Group

  • Locations

    Ballinderry Road, Lisburn

  • Value

    £15m / €21m

  • Role


  • Procurement

    Developer self build

  • Stage

    Complete June 2009