Learning Resource Centre, Ulster University, Coleraine Campus

The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) at Ulster University, Coleraine Campus, was created through the amalgamation and enhancement of two existing library facilities on campus; the Central Library and the South Building Library.

The University’s brief was to provide a centralised location for book storage, (8000 linear metres,) and to create a variety of study areas, (approximately 650 individual spaces,) with casual soft seating, individual carrels and a number of rooms for group study and teaching. A strong emphasis on electronic based self learning was also addressed through the creation of an Information Technology Open Access Centre that can be made use of 24 hours a day.

The LRC sits in a highly prominent location sitting directly above the campus’s main entrance. It’s glazed façade allows it to become a dramatic new visual marker, for the entrance, particularly when illuminated a night.

  • Client

    University of Ulster

  • Locations


  • Role

    Architect / Lead Consultant

  • Procurement


  • Stage

    Completed 2007