Rathore School, Newry

Rathore Special School is located on a sloping greenfield site overlooking the city of Newry, Co. Down.

This new facility for children with severe learning difficulties combines general classrooms and specialist therapeutical / medical accommodation. The scheme clusters groups of related classrooms and support facilities, either side of a central spine containing the multipurpose hall and central dining accommodation.

Natural light and ventilation are introduced into the deep plan form by means of continuous roof glazing above two internal streets. The interior is further animated through the incorporation of brightly coloured freestanding elements containing sensory areas, group rooms and rest areas.

External walls are extended into the landscape anchoring the building into its setting, and providing sheltered, private play areas for the children.

The school was awarded commendation in the RSUA Design Awards in 2006.

  • Client

    Southern Education & Library Board

  • Locations

    Newry, Co Down

  • Procurement