Mater Hospital Redevelopment, Belfast

The design of the hospital evolved out of the need to rationalise and clarify prevailing access and circulation confusion created by the presence of diverse building forms and locations and vehicular inaccessibility. Lack of site area, the presence of listed buildings and the need for the new ward accommodation to be near existing operating theatres imposed further demands and disciplines of the design development.

The redevelopment content included:

–  150 Bed Wards
–  Day Procedures Unit
–  Physiotherapy Unit
–  Administration Accommodation

All serviced by a new entrance and atrium reception area which introduces a homogenising element to the otherwise disparate building forms.

  • Client

    Mater Infirmorum Hospitals Trust

  • Locations

    274 Grosvenor Road, Belfast

  • Role

    Architect, Lead Consultant and CDM Planning Supervisor

  • Procurement