Frenchgate Shopping Centre, Doncaster

Frenchgate is rightly acknowledged within the Doncaster Town Centre Masterplan as the town’s most significant retail destination.

The masterplan also highlights a number of issues that the centre poses to the council’s ambition for the town. The original Arndale element of the centre has 2 floors of retail with vehicle parking on the roof behind a full storey parapet.

This arrangement results in large unanimated facades and an uninspiring streetscape to St Sepulchre Gate and Frenchgate.
We propose this is fundamentally transformed though the addition of apartments that wrap along the back of the first-floor retail with a further 2.5 new storeys placed on top. We also feel additional height (up to 7/8 storeys) is justifiable to the corner of Frenchgate and Trafford Way.

In addition to creating much needed new homes it will also significantly transform the physical appearance of the centre with facades that are varied, rich and modulated. We propose they are made from a range of honey toned bricks that refer to the local grit stone used in the town.

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    Frenchgate, Doncaster

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