Loft Lines, Titanic Quarter, Belfast

The Loft Lines is a predominantly residential proposal located along the banks of the titanic quarter, a mere stone’s throw from the TODD Belfast office.

The scheme is a joint venture between Lacuna Developments and Watkin Jones. The proposal sits on a 1.7 hectare site containing three blocks, ranging from 12 to 18 storeys. The Loft Lines will provide approximately 780 apartments, of which 190 will be social housing, and 100,000 sqft of office and commercial space. The 2no. Build to Rent (BtR) blocks will provide numerous services for residents, including access to gyms, hub rooms and lounges. Each of the three blocks are designed around a 1st floor courtyard, providing ample light to apartments and shared communal space.

The scheme steps up in height from the Titanic Museum southwards along the bank, transitioning between the various proposed plots of the Titanic Quarter masterplan. The proposal will also see improvements to the landscaping of the area with the development of a new park and promenade.

  • Client

    Watkin Jones

  • Locations

    Titanic Quarter, Belfast

  • Size

    100,000 sqft

  • Role

    Architect / Lead Consultant

  • Stage

    Planning granted