The Bradbury Treatment and Care Centre, Belfast

This Community Treatment and Care Centre is one of three new centres developed by South East Belfast HSS Trust. The other two are located at Holywood Arches and Castlereagh. TODD Architects and Penoyre & Prasad were selected in competitive interview to design and procure these three schemes. The 4,500 m2 Lisburn Road scheme is located on a brown field site on the edge of the city centre and near to the main Belfast / Dublin railway line. The building volume has been concealed as two parts: a long rectilinear block running parallel to the railway and an organic form which runs between this block and the neighbouring terrace. A central three storey atrium space is located at the junction of these two parts.

  • Client

    Belfast Health & Social Services Trust

  • Locations

    Lisburn Road, Belfast

  • Procurement

    Performance Related Partnering