• Andrew Speer

  • Associate

Andrew Speer

Andrew joined TODD’s in 1989, having trained as one of the UK’s leading architectural schools, the Bartlett in London. He is now the practice longest serving architect!

Andrew was introduced into the healthcare sector early on in his time in the practice, being part of the team that won the Childrens Hospital complex at the RVH, and he has remained in the field ever since.

His completed portfolio of buildings is extraordinary in extending across every aspect of primary and acute care, but with a specialisation in the latter and the design of A&E, ward blocks and theatres, being particular specialisations.

Andrew’s expertise centres around health planning. He leads the healthcare team’s engagement with user groups / other stakeholders, develops briefs / interprets models of healthcare, produces relationship diagrams and tests solutions against HTM recommendations.

He also retains a management responsibility for planning out departments in detail, and with his team, preparing room layouts and elevations from room data sheets, utilising ADB software.

Andrew’s abilities and experience also extend into technical design and delivery where he has experience with a range of differing construction methodologies and procurement routes.